New Patients

Quick Facts

Piedmont Regional Dental Clinic (PRDC) is a nonprofit dental safety net clinic. We offer a full range of dental services but we are not a Free Clinic. We accept Medicaid and Delta Dental Premier Insurance (in-network), a wide variety of commercial dental insurance coverages (out of network) and Care Credit. For our patients paying for their own dental care, we offer multiple fee schedules so families with more income pay higher fees for their services at PRDC than do patients from households with lower income. To find out if your household qualifies for the Affordable Care Plan of lower fees, and before you can see a dentist, you will need to complete some new patient paperwork.

The Whole Story

Piedmont Regional Dental Clinic is a non-profit dental clinic serving the Virginians of all ages and incomes.

Who is eligible for our services?

PRDC treats patients of all ages and incomes without regard to immigration status. Patients living at or below 200% of the federal poverty level pay lower costs than those from households with more income. Patients living in households above the federal poverty level pay fees equivalent to those used by other dentists in this region. However, PRDC is not a free clinic. PRDC accepts Medicaid/Smiles For Children insurance and is in-network with Delta Dental and Anthem. We accept out of network benefits with many commercial dental insurance companies.  We also accept Care Credit.

Want to Become a PRDC Patient?

New Patient Paper Work

Hate waiting? Download your new patient paperwork now and have it ready for your first appointment. This saves you time and gets you in to see the dentist faster! Need help with your paperwork? Give us a call prior to your first visit and we’ll meet with you. It’s a good idea to bring a list of all of your medications including the name of the medication, the dose you are taking and the number of times a day you take the medication. Who is eligible for PRDC’s Affordable Care Program? PRDC’s Affordable Care Program offers significant discounts to patients from households under the federal poverty level.  An eligibility screening determines if your household qualifies for this program. 94% of our patients qualify. Please bring proof of household income including all public assistance (see below) and a photo ID to the screening.  Eligibility is based on the total number of people living in the household and total annual household income. The eligibility threshold is 200% or below 2018 Federal Poverty Guidelines. For more information go to 

Affordable Care Program Eligibility Paperwork

Click here Affordable Care Program Application for a downloadable eligibility application. Click here Letter of Financial Support if someone is helping you financially.

What to Bring To PRDC

To qualify for the Affordable Care Program discounts, please bring proof of ALL household income for one month (this includes anyone living in the household with you) Examples of Household income include:

  • Pay stubs for one month
  • Food stamp award letter
  • Proof of income letter
  • Social Security statement
  • Disability statement
  • Current 1040 Federal income Tax Statement

What else will you need?

  • A current photo ID ( anyone living in the household over the age of 18 must provide a photo ID)
  • The name, phone and fax number of your family physician
  • A list of your medications including the name of the medication, the dosage and the number of times a day you take the medication.

Where Is the Piedmont Regional Dental Clinic?

PRDC is located in the same shopping center as Country Cookin’ and Orange Family Physicians.

13296 James Madison Highway Orange, Virginia 22960
Phone: 540-661-0008
Fax: 540-661-1070

Mailing Address: PO Box 151  Orange, VA 22960

Facebook: Piedmont Regional Dental Clinic

Print and return the completed forms to PRDC

New Patient Package – Medicaid

New Patient Package – Non-Medicaid

Affordable Care Plan Application

Haga clic aquí para versión en Español

You may mail the completed forms to:

PO Box 151
Orange, VA  22960

or drop them by the Clinic.