Cancelled and Missed Appointment Policy

Effective 2.10.2022

You must confirm your appointment by 10 AM at least 2 business days before your scheduled appointment. If you do not do so, your appointment will be cancelled.

Monday appointments must be confirmed by 10 AM on the Thursday before your appointment.

The following situations are considered a “missed appointment”.

  • You are more than 10 minutes late and have not called to notify us.  If this happens your appointment will be cancelled.  
  • You do not give at least a 24-hour notice that you need to reschedule an appointment. 
  • You do not come to your appointment.

Only 2 “missed appointments” are allowed in a six-month period.  If you miss 2 appointments in a six-month period, you will be limited to emergency care if space is available for the next six months.

Three (3) missed appointments in a 12-month period will result in discharge from the clinic.  

It is your responsibility to be sure that we have up-to-date contact information to remind you of your scheduled appointments.

Please note: We understand that emergencies happen.  If an emergency causes you to miss an appointment please let staff know.