Frequently Asked Questions

Is PRDC a Free Clinic?

No.  PRDC is a nonprofit dental safety net clinic. PRDC accepts patients of all incomes with or without dental insurance. We use multiple fee schedules so patients from lower-income households pay less for their dental care than patients with higher household incomes.

Why does PRDC charge for its services?

One of PRDC’s most important roles in the health safety net is to provide care for those covered by Medicaid, a type of insurance.  In fact, the majority of our patients use Medicaid to pay for their care. Medicaid regulations prevent us from offering free care to patients without Medicaid coverage. Also unlike Free Clinics, our dentists and staff are employees and contractors, not volunteers. They receive salaries and benefits or fees for their time. That is why we can be open 40 hours per week, 8 am – 5 pm, Monday – Friday. We keep our rates very low and offer multiple fees on a sliding scale to make care as affordable as possible for out patients.

What does it cost?

If you have Medicaid/Smiles For Children or commercial insurance, you may have no direct costs for a covered procedure or you may have a co-pay. PRDC will go through your insurance and/or fees at your first appointment. Cost for those without dental insurance is determined by household income level. If your household income is 205% of the federal poverty level or greater, then you can expect to pay what you would pay at any dentist office for the same procedure. If your household income is below 205% of the FPL, then you will qualify for our Affordable Care Program or our Medicaid Additional Services schedule, both deeply discounted fee schedules, and your costs will be significantly lower than at a commercial dentist.

How can I find out if I qualify for the Affordable Care Program?

If your household income is at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty level, you probably qualify. For more information, click here.

How can I find out if I qualify for Medicaid coverage (child, pregnant woman or adult)?

Try the screening tool at

Are there other dental safety net clinics in Virginia?

Yes, in fact there are 81 dental safety net clinics, but many provide only part-time care.

For a list with contact information, visit

When are you open?

Monday – Friday, 8 am – 5 pm. We  are closed for lunch between 1 pm-2 pm. Every Monday we offer a walk-in extraction clinic where you don’t need an appointment if you want to just get a tooth pulled. We will waive the exam fee for same day extractions for income-qualified, uninsured patients.

How long will I have to wait to get an appointment?

Not very long at all, often we can appoint you within a just a few days. If you are in pain or have swelling, we will do our very best to bring you in on the day you call.

Does PRDC treat very young children?

You bet we do! Our littlest patients  may be treated by a Board Certified pediatric dentist, a specialist in treating very young children and those with special needs. We even have ‘kid sized’ dental chairs!  Did you know that 55% of PRDC patients are under 20?

Does PRDC offer any kind of sedation?

Yes, we have two nitrous units (aka happy gas). Our dentists can tell you whether nitrous is right for you. For kids, it is amazing what the combination of nitrous and Netflix can accomplish for nervous youngsters.

Why do I have to have my teeth cleaned before I see the dentist?

We need to perform dental hygiene services ( cleaning) for patients so that we do not miss cavities under swollen gum tissue or “tartar”. It is also important to have a cleaning to reduce sensitivity and pain and to prevent further disease. Finally, taking care of your gums… which is a key objective during cleanings… is the first step in reducing inflammation that may make conditions like heart disease or diabetes worse.

Where is the front door?

LOL, we get asked this a lot. It is on the back side of the building.

Where are you located?

In Orange, in the same mall parking lot as Orange Family Physicians and Country Cooking. PLENTY of free parking! We are in the same building as the Orange County Free Clinic.