National School Nurses Week

school nurse certificateThis is National School Nurses week. All of us at Piedmont Regional Dental Clinic would like to say thank you to each of the 26 school nurses we whom we work every week.  These medical professionals are unsung heroes.   Dr. Brenda Tanner, Superintendent of Orange County Public Schools, describes the work they do this way: “Nurses play a vital role in the work that we do to support our students and their families.  Throughout the day they respond to a variety of health-related issues in an effort to help our students achieve at the highest possible levels.  They are a very important part of our school team. We thank them for their work and for their dedication.”

I coordinate PRDC’s Smile Time dental-exams-at-school program at area schools and I second what Dr. Tanner says.  I am continually amazed how well school nurses know the individual circumstances of each child in the school system.  These nurses work with families and care givers, like PRDC, to make sure the children receive the health care they need.  School nurses make a big difference in the lives of our school kids every day.  During School Nurse Week and every week – thank you!




Nicole Campbell

Smile Time Program Coordinator

Piedmont Regional Dental Clinic



New! On-line registration for PRDC’s Smile Time program

IanBrand new!  Parents can now register their children on-line for the Smile Time program making it easier than ever for parents to enroll their children in this convenient, dental exams-at-school program.  There is no cost to the family for this service for children with  Medicaid/FAMIS/Smiles For Children coverage.

Smile Time exams include

examination by a dentist

safe digital x-rays

prophylaxis (polishing/cleaning teeth)

fluoride varnish

sealants as determined to be appropriate by the dentist

      goodie bag containing a toothbrush, toothpaste, and flosser

                                                                   education on how to take care of their teeth and brush properly

a written report for the parent detailing the child’s oral health and recommending any additional care needed

a clinical summary prepared by the dentist and uploaded to a secure patient portal online where all patient reports for the child may be found

follow-up conversation with the family to answer  questions and ensure each student has a Dental Home to provide ongoing oral health care.

For uninsured families or for families with commercial dental coverage, please contact our office and ask for Nicole Campbell. She can help you find out the cost, if any, for your child to participate in Smile Time. (540)661-0008

Now signing up for Smile Time is as convenient for parents as having their child’s dental exams done at school!